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Create new brand
Updated over a week ago

In case the standard-brand is not enough for you, you can purchase another brand from us and add it afterwards.

You click on the settings (the gear-icon):

And you come directly to the overview of your brands. If you are completely new, it will look like this:

Now, if you have purchased another brand and want to add it, just click on "Add Brand":

Then you give it a name:

And now you can directly edit your brand, starting with your contact information:

Under Logos you can upload your company logo for light and dark backgrounds as well as a photo of you/your team, which will be displayed under "Your Photographer" in the gallery:

Finally, under Social Media you can link your accounts, e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. Here you have to put the whole link to your profile, not only your name on the platform:

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