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What is a brand?
Updated over a week ago

A brand comes into play when you as a photographer have several business areas (e.g. wedding photography and business photography) and want to show these accordingly to the outside world. Or if you generally want to have a kind of digital "business card" for your photography in your galleries.

You can find the brands in the Picture-Wise builder under "Settings" (the gear-icon):

When you open the settings, you will be taken directly to the overview of your brands:

By default, every account at Picture-Wise already has a brand included, the so-called "standard brand". You can edit and customize this completely as you wish.

In case you want to use more than one brand, you can use the slider below each brand to set it as the default brand:

Then, when you create a new gallery, for example, your standard brand will be set directly as the brand for the gallery:

In the brand settings, you can also define what is displayed under "Your Photographer" in the gallery view. So, taking a closer look at the brands is very useful for optimizing your external presentation!

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