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Create selection from your customer's point of view
Create selection from your customer's point of view
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Users can create selections and then send them to the photographer so that the photographer can continue working with the selection. Any number of selections can be created.

1) A selection is started by marking an image with a heart.

On the desktop computer, this is done by your customer hovering the mouse over an image:

On a mobile device, your customer can start the selection by clicking the "Select images" button:

After that short instruction pops up for your customer:

Now your customer can click on the circle at the bottom left of the image:

2) Now the user can go ahead and mark his favorite images with hearts. All selected images will then appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen:

3) Your customer can select various options via the "Next step" button. Especially important for the coordination with you as photographer is the function "Send to photographer":

3.1) Your customer can also view the selected images again before submitting the selection. This can be done by clicking on the "View" button after your customer has clicked on "Next step". Alternatively, your customer can also use the side menu:

4) When the user is done with his selection, he can send it to the photographer using the "Send to photographer" button. For this purpose, the form must be filled out and a message can optionally be added. The "Send" button will send the selection and the photographer will receive an email that a new selection has been created.


Your client can download or share their selections.

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